Marie appears in “Do you hear the people sing”

The Boublil/Schönberg ‘Do You Hear The People Sing’ symphonic concert series premiered with the Indianapolis Symphony in October 2011, then performed with the Dallas Pops at the huge American Airlines Center in Dallas. The latest concerts took place at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Ottawa and Oklahoma City.

Here are extracts from recent concerts:

“…Next came Zamora singing in French (with a gorgous peach and silver gown) “Au Petit Matin” from their first project, the 1973 Revolution Francaise. Zamora in fact was in that production which featured 53 musicians, 40 cast members, and 4,000 patrons. …Kunze performed a lovely duet with Zamora, “Live With Somebody You Love”.

It’s not often one gets a chance to hear songs that were cut. Zamora’s “I Saw Him Once” was cut from Les Miserables (when it lasted almost four hours). ….What a treat to hear the duet sung in French and English Mon Histoire/On My Own by Paz and Zamora. It was breathtaking. I could see the tears in Zamora’s eyes. This was the first song in fact written for the show.”
Charles Shubow, Broadway World

“Marie Zamora scored hits with “Au Petit Matin,” a charming ballad from “La Revolution Francaise,” and with the rarely heard “Mon Histoire,” the first piece Boublil and Schonberg composed for “Les Miserables.””
News (Oklahoma)

“Parisian singer and actress Marie Zamora, who originated the role of Cosette in the Paris production of Les Misérables, offered a passionate and rich “Au Petit Matin” as doomed Queen Marie Antoinette, demonstrating how the music of Boublil and Schönberg transcends a language barrier. Zamora and Salonga delivered a stirring “On My Own” in French and English that showcased the universality of that haunting anthem to unrequited love.”
Diane Jackson Schnoor, DC Metro, Washington

“A welcome surprise to the evening was soprano Marie Zamora. The only female singer in the cast who was not a belter by nature, she used her softer, warmer tone to great effect in her performance, most notably in “Own My Own,” which she sang in the original French. She also contributed the only song performed from La Révolution Française, “Au Petit Matin.”

Marie Zamora brought special qualities to her performances, including welcome delicacy and understatement that should in no way, suggest a lack of power. Zamora sang “Au Petit Matin” in her native French. Her English diction also was clear as a bell in “I Saw Him Once,” a song written for “Les Miserables,” but dropped from it for dramatic reasons.